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Portage-Kalamazoo Freecycle Help
How do mailing lists work?
Why does PF use Yahoo Groups?
Who runs PKF?
Why don't we allow coupons?
What do I do if someone is abusive or rude in email or in person?
What do I do if more then one person wants what I have offered?
What is the PKF disclaimer?
Can I just set the item out and say who ever gets here first gets it?
What is the etiquette for pickups?
When making multiple offers should I put them together or list each one?
How do I arrange pickup?
Why do I see praise listings?
Post for prescription medication?
Can I get stuff from PKF to sell?
Can we freecycle gift software?
Can I work out a trade on the board?

QUICK START - What You Need To Know To Start Using Our Gifting Service
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  • Keep It Free, Legal, Appropriate For All Ages. Be nice no matter what.

  • This list is used for offering and asking for items as well as reading what others are offering or asking for.

  • Only tangible items are considered as gifts at PKF. No coupons. No information. No services. No politics. No spam. No foul language. No money. No trading. No borrowing. No sob stories. No public service announcements. No garage sale announcements. (list of what you can't post)

  • To reply to a post just hit reply. The list is set up so your reply will go directly to the poster in private mail, not the entire list.

  • The most important part of a post at PKF is the Subject Line. We are crazy strict about Subject Lines at PKF so the list reader can quickly scan them to see if they might be interested in a post. Stick to our simple Subject Line protocol       TOPIC: SHORT DESCRITPION OF THE GIFT(S).

  • We only allow 5 topics: Offer, Want, Pending (or PPU), Taken, or Praise (or Thank You) followed by a short description of the gift(s). Praise posts should mention the gifter(s) in the subject line.

  • There are two ways you can submit a post
    1. From the web site using the post link on the left side of the Yahoo Groups PKF home page in the white box on the left of the page.
    2. From your email client but you have to have your TO field set to the list's address.

  • No exact addresses on the public list but the approximate location for the pick up is required in all offers. Phone numbers are allowed but remember your post will go out to a large list of people.

  • If you get responses to your post choose the responder. There is no rule about who you choose. You may choose by the order you receive them but there are fairer ways to choose such as need, distance to drive for the PU or previous dealings with a responding member. You need not write back personally to every responder, only the one you choose. A pending post to the list takes care of the rest.

  • The key to avoiding "No Shows" is good communication. I recommend not agreeing to any PU without getting a phone number and verifying it.

  • Don't be so quick to delete responses and other mail you have with members concerning any freecyle gifting. Create a separate email box in your email client. Call it MyFreecycles. Put it all in there and save it for at least a month. If a gifting falls through you then have all the other interested members. Sometimes you need to get back with someone or choose another responder. This file will make things easier for you down the line.

  • When making multiple offers, wants, pendings, takens or praises please combine them into one post to cut down on the volume of email members receive. (combining rule)

  • If you need to send the moderators an email, do not send it to the list address rather the group owner address Portage-KalamazooFreecycle-owner@yahoogroups.com. All important email addresses for our group are in the footer of all list mail.

  • PKF is about the gifting and nothing else. Do not add anything to posts to the public list in the subject line, the body of the post or in the signature which does not describe the gift or the circumstances for the pickup. No business web site URL's, political URL's, personal web sites or inspirational quotes. You may include a URL to a picture somewhere on the web that helps you describe the gift but do not use a URL to a sales page for it. Rather use the URL for that picture only by right clicking on the picture to find its properties which would reveal the URL to just that picture. You can refer to photos you have uploaded into our photos area and even give the URL to them in the same way.

  • Posts for the same gifts are limited by a waiting period. Asking for the same gift - 21 days. Offering the same gift - 3 days.

Gift: Something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation. A valid gift requires: (1) a competent donor; (2) an eligible donee; (3) an existing identifiable thing or interest; (4) an intention to donate; (5) delivery; i.e., a transfer of possession to or for the donee and a relinquishment.