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Portage-Kalamazoo Freecycle Help

Why Should Posts Be Combined?

The whole idea of these rules for postings is to be courteous to list readers. Freecycle generates a lot of email. Busy members should be able quickly scan the subject lines to find the posts they want to read in more detail to "work" with. Combining posts cuts down on the volume of mail needed to be sent to members for a given number of items gifted.

We ask members to include items that are being posted under the same Topic in the same time frame (about two hours) into one post. If you are getting ready to offer a number of items, organize it all into one post.

This applies to all of the Topics, even praises. Combine all your wanted items, all your pending items, all your taken items and also combine your praises. One post for each Topic. For the combined praise be sure to mention each person being praised in the subject line.

The key to making this efficient is to put good short descriptions into the subject line for a multiple item post. General descriptions like boy's clothes or fish tank supplies can cover a number of specific items. Simple descriptions of many items allows members to just scan the subject lines to know in general what items the post is about. That way they can decide whether they want to go ahead and open a post to learn more about the items. Making members open up every post to know what the items are is frustrating to members trying to quickly scan the posts. By setting up your post so that just scanning the subject lines alerts members to the items that are being posted keeps freecycle sessions short and pleasurable.

Long subject lines are fine. Yahoo groups allows about 70 characters, including spaces, in the subject line before truncating so you can easily put about a number of items in. Using words in subject lines like "list", "misc." "various items", and other non descriptive terms doesn't give any useful. If you find yourself using these type of words, don't. Just briefly describe all the items in your subject line

If you can't compose a good subject line in the space on the POST form then use the other way to post as outlined in the "Two Ways to Post" section in the help files - just send regular email for your post to the List Address That way you can write as long a descriptive subject line as you need to. Also you needn't put the approximate location for an offer in the subject line. I can appear in any part of the post.

If you have a really long list of items then sure, break it up into two combined posts with good descriptive subject lines but be sure to send them in at least two hours apart from each other to be within the limits of the posting rules for the same topic in the same time period.

Try be organized so you aren't posting the same Topic within a few hours of each other. We realize that sometimes it just comes out that way. Just be aware of the readers and their need to be able to just scan subject lines and be aware that saving even one extra email makes a big difference with such a large group.

In the body of combined posts you can go into as much detail of each item as you feel necessary. The combined praise can have more information in the body of the post about each gift if you wish.

Gift: Something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation. A valid gift requires: (1) a competent donor; (2) an eligible donee; (3) an existing identifiable thing or interest; (4) an intention to donate; (5) delivery; i.e., a transfer of possession to or for the donee and a relinquishment.